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Comcast coaxial only cable box hook up to Roku TV

I am trying to set up my comcast small black cable box with my new roku tv. i want it to be hardwired because when i stream through xfinity app it is very fuzzy. My cable box does not have hdmi option only coaxial. I have everything hooked up exactly how it was on my last tv which cable worked fine. When i go to "cable tv" it says no signal is it turned on. When i go to antenna tv to scan for channels and it only find 1 local channel. How do I connect cable via coaxial and get all my channels. Thanks 

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Re: Comcast coaxial only cable box hook up

The tuner is in small cable box, if there's no hdmi, then you have to attach it by coax  to the tv, and tune to ch 3 or 4. You would need to use the cable remote to change channels.

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