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Chromecast Behavior Changed on Roku TV

I’ve had a TCL Roku TV for about two years with a 2nd Gen Chromecast device as an HDMI input. For as long as I’ve had these devices, when I cast from my phone, the casted content would override whatever was currently playing on my screen without having to change the input, and I would be able to control the casted content with my TV remote. For example, if I had HDMI2’s input active on my TV, casting to the TV from YouTube on my phone would immediately bring up the video I was casting and I would be able to interact with the app using my TV remote. I recently moved, and when I hooked up my TV and Chromecast again, this is no longer the behavior I’m experiencing. Now, when I cast from my phone, I have to manually select the Chromecast’s HDMI input in order to view the cast content. I am also no longer able to interact with the app using my RokuTV remote. 

I have already adjusted the CEC settings and while it does override the current input (although now it displays a “switching input” box before doing it), I still am not able to interact with the app using my TV remote. I’ve also tried factory resetting both devices, and reinstalling the Chromecast several times to no avail. 

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Re: Chromecast Behavior Changed

I know this isn’t helpful but why are you using a Chromecast if you have a Roku TV? Did your TV recently update to Roku OS 11? 

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Re: Chromecast Behavior Changed


You might consider casting directly from YT on your phone to YT on your Roku TV (your Roku should show up as a castable device within the YT phone app).

This wont address the general issue, which seems to be CEC-related - try deleting/refreshing the CEC device list on your Roku TV.  Beyond that, if your device updated to OS11 recently as @Ello2022  suggests, you should report this directly to Roku: 

chat/email   https://support.roku.com/contactus/contact-options

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