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Changing streambar frequency.

We have a cabin where we use s hot spot for internet connection.

I have run into a couple of issues I want to resolve, if possible.

I would like to NOT have the television and streambar tied to the same frequency.

If I turn the streambar or television on or off, they BOTH turn on or off. Doesn't matter if I use the Roku remote or the television remote. Because I have the Roku & a computer hooked up to the television there are times I only want to use the computer on the television, but I cannot NOT have the Roku on (I suppose maybe MANUALLY turning on the television would work)

The other issue is because I also have the computer tied to the television, and when I try to set up a channel with a code, and I switch over to the computer from Roku, the Roku bumps the channel off so that when I enter the code, then go back to Roku the code did not work.

In this case the channel is LocalBTV, and their phone app has me tied to another market so I cannot use the phone app & need to set up the Roku through the computer.

Thanks for any help & ideas.

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Re: Changing streambar frequency.

As long as you use the Streambar remote it will take you to Streambar home screen. Even if you just pressed tv power, to prevent this stop using the Streambar remote. The commands mapped to tv keys on the Streambar remote are not your tv brands commands, it's Roku's own cec commands, which will control any tv brand as long as it has cec feature and it's turned on.  So once the tv and Streambar each recognize each other as a cec device their remotes will control one another, the volume and power keys. Only way to turn it off is turning off cec feature in your tv.

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Re: Changing streambar frequency.

Unfortunately this not the case, at least not in my case.
I can use the television remote and that will turn BOTH the Roku and television on & off.
At least in my case.
My guess is that either the streambar & Roku remote 'learned' what frequency the television uses, or I was lucky enough to get equipment using the same frequency by chance.

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