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Reel Rookie

Captions keep showing in foreign languages

So my roku tv has just recently been adding subtitles to tv shows. These tv shows have written text and the subtitles are of a foreign language different every time. Don't really know what's going on. We made sure that all captions are off. 

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Reel Rookie

Spanish Captions

My language within the Roku itself (Ultra and Premiere+) is set to English.  Captions/subtitles are turned off in the Roku settings as well.  However, within some apps (Amazon seems to be the biggest culprit), I get captions in Spanish.  I'm not talking about full subtitles.  But say a show is in English and there's a point where some text is displayed on the screen.  That text will always be in Spanish.  To be very clear, I understand that many apps have their own language and captions settings, and Amazon is one of them.  Within Amazon, my language is set to English and captions are off.  Yet this happens regularly.  I also use the MLB app a lot.  If I listen to an audio only feed, by default it always selects the Spanish feed.  I then change it to an English feed and all is good.  The MLB app in this case doesn't have any language or caption preferences.  I've never noticed this behavior in Netflix.  There's something going on under the hood on the Roku that's set to Spanish for my account, but I can't seem to figure it out.  Could there be something set on my account/device outside of my control/visibility?  Please help.  Thanks.

Reel Rookie

Re: Spanish Captions

@awrightus so this issue occurred when we had left town for a period of time. When we returned our television was turned on. And that's when the problem began. I posted this post thinking it HAD TO do with some settings or maybe forgot to turn the TV off and it had glitched out being on for a week straight, I never recieved feedback but a couple nights ago we lost electricity for a short time then when it came back and I turned the TV on. Poof, problem solved... no more glitches in the volume or random subtitles. (Then I remembered spectrum sending me alerts while we were on vacation about power shortages in my location) I don't suggest tripping your own electricity. But if that has happened recently maybe that's what happened too. Super abnormal... but the problem is no more on my end. 

Re: Captions keep showing in foreign languages

I have the same problem today.  caption are off and the caption only shows up when written language is on the screen.  Its in spanish. Its really annoying especially when i'm watching a show were a person is using sign language and the show has the english caption on it and the tv puts this spanish caption on top of it.  I can't read spanish.  Need help!!

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Retired Moderator

Re: Captions keep showing in foreign languages


Thanks for the post.

Can you please provide more detailed information about the issue you are experiencing? Is this issue happening when you are playing content on a specific channel or does it happen across all channels?

What title content are you viewing when you see this occur? What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

With more information we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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