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Cannot use optical out while wireless speakers connected

I need to use the optical (or other output) simultaneously while my roku tv wireless speakers are connected. In the audio settings, I see that all other audio outs are disabled when using the wireless speakers. My father, who is hearing impaired, needs to use his bluetooth headphones to hear the audio. The roku wireless speakers are loud, but not loud enough for him, so he has to use headphones. He uses a bluetooth transmitter which receives audio from the optical output. This does not seem to be possible with the new TCL 50 525 as when the roku speakers are paired, all other audio outputs are disabled. This is a deal-breaker and we will need to return the tv and speakers if a solution cannot be identified. Please advise, thanks!!

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Cannot use optical out while wireless speakers connected

@syntheticMedia @GraysonLevi 

Thanks for the inquiry.

Please be aware that when you set up your wireless speakers, the built-in speakers in your Roku TV along with all audio outputs (except for headphones) are turned off. 

For more information regarding Roku TV Wireless speakers, visit our Support pages here: 
Getting to know your Roku TV™ Wireless Speakers
How do I switch audio from my Roku TV™ Wireless Speakers to another sound system?

We'll pass along the feedback to our team. However, to add some additional context, this type of dual audio output source functionality often isn't supported in setups as it relates to complexities introduced when trying to manage multiple streams of audio output simultaneously, without impacting playback quality. 


Danny R.
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Re: Cannot use optical out while wireless speakers connected

Let me say that I found this topic looking to get working wireless Bluetooth headset (still haven't found answer) and replicate the setup i had with my old TV, which you're looking for.   Be able to use the headset and TV speakers at the same time for a very similar issue to satisfy needs of multiple people.

At the end of the six hours of futile search, it came to me that my cable box has output and usb connection needed for my headphones.  Voila'!  The solution.

Only drawback is that it only works with whatever programming is coming from the cable box, including using any apps provided.  Roku channels will only have sound from the TV speakers for their app.  I was ready to start re-packing my new TV before this find. Of course its all depended on what hardware your cable box has.

To Roku engineers: I had no problems with audio from both TV speakers and wireless bluetooth headset on my 12 year old Dynex so I'm very surprised technology may be lacking here.

I will continue to look to connect wireless bluetooth to the actual TV

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