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Reel Rookie

Can't get roku to pick up antenna channels

My old sceptre tv got 80 antenna channels,  my new roku only picks up 3 antenna channels.  How do I get the roku to see all of my channels on my antenna. I have rescanned over and over. This TV isn't so smart. ..   

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Roku Guru

Re: Can't get roku to pick up antenna channels

Which country? US or UK? 

Connection type? cable or OTA antenna

May be an internal config on TV (check instructions carefully-US only), or Roku may not be as sensitive and needs antenna amp installed or turned up, or better antenna (contact a local specialist contractor)

UK freeview is simpler config, but can have antenna amp/filter issues (mobile phone interference on repurposed 700/800Mhz bands)

Not a Roku employee
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