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Can’t get live tv on streaming stick plus

How d I get live tv in the uk on the streaming stick plus? There’s no live tv tile on the Roku tv channel as it says on the website. There’s no app for freeview. I don’t want to have to keep switching it on and off to watch live tv

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Roku Guru

Re: Can’t get live tv on streaming stick plus

I think you may be conflating the terms "roku channel" and "Roku TV"  A "Roku TV" is essentially a TV with a roku built-in, so you get the over the air live TV stuff and the streaming all in one device.  With a streaming stick, the live TV is usually handled with the TV that you connected the stick to.  ie: you use your TV remote to select the antenna input.

Of course, there are various streaming apps that show some of the same content that you might see on live/OTA TV as well.  One of these apps is called the Roku Channel.

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