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Can't get RGB 444 in 4k@60Hz on 65r625 with Radeon 6900 XT


I had a system with a 1080 Ti and it was fickle with this TV, though I was able to get it to run in 4k@60Hz in Full RGB by sheer luck with playing with settings until it worked (it was random.) 

I built a new system with a Radeon 6900 XT, and any attempt to run in 60Hz puts the display at 422.  Also, HDR and Windows 10 has never worked properly on this TV. It always makes the picture look very dim, so I have never bothered with it. It seems to work with my PS4. I ordered cables with HDMI 2.1 spec just to ensure that there will be no bandwidth issues, in case all of my current HDMI cables are garbage (and I plan on a new TV purchase with AMD FreeSync support and HDMI 2.1.) What else can I try?

Bonus question: Is there any possible way to put this TV in 4:3 format, preferably at 70Hz, for playing old MS-DOS games? My last TCL allowed for 4:3 when using a VGA/HDMI converter, but a few lines were cut off. I miss CRT monitors like you can't believe, and I feel that flat panels have ruined the world.



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