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Can no longer receive both Ant and cable channels

Ever since a software update in April, I have been unable to watch both antenna and cable channels after both of them have been scanned. However, if I reset the TV to the original software, and do not connect the TV to the internet, I am able to scan both antenna and cable channels and watch them. This problem has been going on for quite a while, I want to continue being able to RECEIVE ANTENNA, CABLE, AND STREAMING CHANNELS AS I HAD BEEN BEFORE. When will this problem be resolved? 

Roku TV 7121X
TCL Model 65R617
Device ID FW289T373964

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Re: Can no longer receive both Ant and cable channels

Just to clarify, with the latest software, and connected to the internet, I am able to scan antenna channels, and then cable channels. I use an A/B switch to switch between antenna and cable inputs. Antenna channels and cable channels both show up on the channel list after scanning, however only the antenna channels are receivable. The cable channels are not receivable when switched to the cable input. If I scan only the antenna channels, or only the cable channels, I am able to receive either.
As I mentioned earlier, when I reset to the original software, and scan both antenna and cable channels, I am able to receive both. This seems to show that the old software will allow both antenna and cable channels to be viewed.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Can no longer receive both Ant and cable channels


Thanks for the post.

Can you please clarify the issue you are experiencing? If you have an OTA antenna, you will only be able to receive antenna channels. Do you have cable connected to your Roku TV as well?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Can no longer receive both Ant and cable channels

Yes I have both over the air and cable. I have an A/B switch to direct either signal to the TV. During the TV channel scanning process the TV asks if you want to scan "over the air channels". I start at that point with the input to the TV set my antenna input. When that portion of the scanning is done, I am asked if I want to scan cable channels. At that point I switch my A/B switch so that the TV will now receive the input from the cable system. The TV continues to scan the cable channels. When it is done I look over the channel list and I see that both my over-the-air channels and cable channels have been added to the list.
In the past I was able to watch all of my over the air channels and cable channels simply by switching the A/B input to the TV. Depending on the switch position the TV will be connected to either the antenna or the cable. I was also able to watch streaming channels. Meaning at one time I was able to watch over the air channels, or cable channels, or streaming channels. At some point probably due to a software upgrade I was no longer to watch all of these channels. Correctly the only way I can watch my antenna channels and cable channels is by doing a full receipt set of the TV to the original software. Along with that connecting the TV to the internet. As soon as the TV is hooked up to the Internet in a software upgrade appears I lose the ability to watch the cable channels. The cable channel still show up on the master list, but are not viewable the picture is blank and there is no sound for the cable channels. The over the air channels are still functional. Since this TV at one time they had the ability to watch over the air or cable channels or streaming channels something must have happened probably a software upgrade that may have a glitch in it. Or was it purposely redesign that way? If that's the case then you have made many customers very unhappy.
As someone who has worked in hardware and software engineering, let me suggest that your engineering staff set up a TV in a lab in the manner that I listed above and de bug the issue please. When I bought this TV it was not cheap. I'm not happy with losing the features that this TV had when I first bought it!

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Re: Can no longer receive both Ant and cable channels

First - as far as the Roku TV is concerned, it sounds as though you have _one_ input (coax, probably).  It would not detect whether that input is carrying the antenna signal (let's call it A) or the cable signal (B). It just detects a signal on the coax input.  The A/B switch controls the output of the switch, not the input to the TV.  Usually the output of the cable box is channel 3 (some let you choose channel4).  What happens if you set the switch to cable, and change the channel on the TV to 3,  then use the remote for the cable box to switch channels?

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Re: Can no longer receive both Ant and cable channels

That is not the case! The OUTPUT of the A/B switch goes to the coax input on the TV. Input A on the switch is cable, input B is antenna. There is no cable box involved with this TV. It is not needed as it receives only the basic cable channels.
The only time the TV accepts all of the scanned channels, both cable and over the air is when the TV is not connected to the internet. If the channels are scanned while the TV is connected to the internet then there are problems with the TV keeping all the scanned channels. Right now I have all of the over the air and cable channels being received, because I scanned them without the TV being connected to the Internet. However, currently I am not receiving any streaming channels. As soon as the TV is connected to the internet to receive the streaming channels, then the problems occur with the cable channels that were scanned previously no longer viewable. Sometimes the cable channels show up on the list of channels, but they are not viewable. Other times the cable channels are completely removed off the channel list. This appears to be a problem with Roku software. I had no problems with this 2 years ago. I am thinking of blocking the Roku update website so that I can use the original software that came with the TV. I may be able to block it with my router. Of course I can revert to the original software by doing a factory reset.  But the real problem is Roku needs to fix their software. 

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