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Can firestick 4k remote control roku streambar volume?

Interested in purchasing the roku streambar but I need to know if my 4k firestick will control it's volume. I didn't see roku listed under add soundbar or receiver in equipment management on my fire stick. Does adding the roku skill to alexa do the trick of volume control with firestick remote. TIA

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Re: Can firestick 4k remote control roku streambar volume?

No, it can't control the roku streambar directly. Firestick controls tv & av receivers/soundbars, the volume commands from the roku streambar remote is neither tv nor audio device. Its streamer volume that not only the roku soundbar & streambar accept but ALL roku models accept these commands. These are roku commands when a roku sees them initiates a hdmi-cec signal sent over the hdmi cable to control whatever tv brand its connected to, thats way you don't have to program a tv brand in, it controls all brands that have hdmi-cec feature and its turned on. 

The Firestick remote won't control the streambar directly, but it will control your tv's volume which in turn controls the streambar, by hdmi-cec. streambar controls the tv and tv controls the streambar by hdmi-cec.