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Can caption size be changed for digital channels received through antenna?

Is there an option in the Roku settings to change the size of captions for digital OTA channels received through an antenna? If so, which Roku setting does this? Please only reply if you have actually made sure this works for this particular application.

Also, does this setting affect all channels, or is at at an OTA channel level?

Thank you.

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Re: Can caption size be changed for digital channels received through antenna?

I'm not sure this will work for everyone. I think it all depends on the local Internet connection in particular areas. If you disconnect the internet. Well I didn't get there yet.

But go to tv settings, then accessibly & captions.

 Then select it, go down one to, captioning track, select it. Then go through each option, you don't have to select it. It will appear if available, the CC1 option instead of default, makes a small adjustment that may be more preferred. Once you find one you like select it. 

Of course do this with captions on all the time, so you can see the difference.

And as far as applying this setting to all inputs, it's just not there yet. 

Hopefully this helps. Didn't see any reply in three weeks so I thought I'd give it a go.  Kudos for the great question.  If this answers your question please mark as a solution. Thanks 

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