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Brand new tv - continuously setting up

Purchased a 43 inch hisense roku tv and went through the steps to set it up. During that time it had me re do the login/wireless part 4 times. After setting up and logging into the apps I use, added satellite and dvd player to screen, I turned the tv off. Later went to turn tv on and had to "setup" everything again as if I just pulled the tv out of the box. TV resets and does this every time tv is turned off and on. This is super frustrating because I then need to log into app and a waste of my time. The tv is about to get yard tossed if a solution to this issue isn't found quick. 


Thanks 🙃

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Brand new tv - continuously setting up


Thanks for the post.

Please contact your TV's manufacturer directly to report this issue and request additional support. Each Roku TV manufacturer provides direct support and warranty services for their products running the Roku OS. 

You can contact Hisense here: https://www.hisense-usa.com/support/ or at 1-888-935-8880.


Danny R.
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Re: Brand new tv - continuously setting up

Wow that sounds super annoying, I was thinking about getting a Hisense Roku TV but now this is giving me second thoughts. Especially for the fact that you came here looking for help from Roku and all you got was a redirect link to contact Hisense instead! Is this the standard procedure when a Roku TV malfunctions? "Not our problem, contact the company name on the TV." Well the TV's are running the Roku operating system and this definitely seems like a software glitch, so that makes Roku responsible too. I hope when you contact Hisense they don't do the same exact thing and  say "It's not our problem, contact Roku instead."

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