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Brand New 43" 4k Roku disconnects from Google Home

My.new Roku 43" TV worked great when first set up, and still works great with the remote, but after shutting it off for a while I noticed on my Google Home Assistant app that the TV kept jumping from the off button symbol to "disconnected" every second or so.  I unlinked Roku and relinked the account and it started working again, but after shutting the TV off the same thing started happening. All my other Devices on Google Home Assistant are working perfectly.. Please help because voice control is the only reason we bought this TV and must return it otherwise. Thank You.

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Re: Brand New 43" 4k Roku disconnects from Google Home

@Ciro1 Thanks for reaching out here. A couple questions here and a suggestion:

- In Settings>System>Power> make sure you have enabled 'Fast TV start'. 

- When you observe the disconnecting behavior occurring in the app, does this prevent the functionality from working correctly if you try to say 'Hey Google, turn on my Roku TV'?

- What type of wireless network are you using? Is it a mesh networking system, or do you have a single wireless router? Have you tried restarting your wireless network? 

- Have you contacted Google support yet to see if they have any support or advice to offer regarding the behavior you see within their app? 





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