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Black screens and flickering/display errors on Roku Streambar connected to a 4K monitor.

New streambar is connected to an MSI optix MPG321UR-QD 4K HDR monitor via HDMI. On initial start-up it worked fine and viewing Netflix and Disney+ content, the streambar, apps and monitor reported the screen was as 4K HDR 10. Something is awry however.

On the menu, I'm seeing black screens for a few seconds intermittently and display input issues (green patches etc). Frequently when I turn the streambar on, the monitor doesn't see the input and states no connection to the HDMI port. Equally if the monitor is displaying it, the Streambar is sometimes failing to autodetect the screen type.  Rebooting the Roku helps, but it's not a permanent fix.

The monitor obviously does not have ARC but CEC is turned on. I haven't tried a different HDMI port (there are two) or cable (not sure if the others I have are of the needed standard).

I have routed sound from a Sky Q Mini box via optical and even when the screen is undetected and black, the Streambar is able to output the sound from the Sky Q Mini content, so it's clearly 'on'.

Really not sure what the issue is here. When it is working, it works as it should and content is clear and in 4K HDR, I'm just not sure why it's sometimes misbehaving and which element is the issue.

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