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Best available remote for TCL 49S525 Roku tv?

I just got a TCL 50S525 Roku Tv. It came with a RC280 remote, which I desperately need to upgrade from. It feels cheap, and uses IR instead of RF and doesn't have voice control. This is the only remote I see on this site, which I believe the model number is RC-AL7. Is this the best available replacement remote I can get for a roku tv, or are there better options?


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Re: Best available remote for TCL 49S525 Roku tv?

I would say that rc-al7 is the best remote roku has made. It not only works great with Roku TV's, but can be used with Roku consoles & sticks, and control tv power & volume of many non-Roku tv brands. And it finally has MUTE key!!! Which only true Roku tv remotes had previously.

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