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Best Bluetooth connection for Roku TV

I bought a Roku 65S435 last year and I would like now to have  it drive a set of bone conduction headphones.  I hear fine but my wife has a condition that makes it necessary to deliver the sound directly to the cochlea, as bone conduction does. I know  there are Bluetooth bone conduction headphones available, so my question is, what is the best way to drive Bluetooth out of the Roku to drive these headphones.  I don’t want the Bluetooth path to replace the normal sound out the TV, i.e., the sound bar, etc., since that’s what I use  to hear the TV.  The idea is to provide a second sound path to her bone conduction headphones that doesn’t affect the normal sound path that I use so we can watch TV together.

Thanks for any ideas.


Steve Adams

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Re: Best Bluetooth connection

Sorry but all Roku devices are Bluetooth receivers only, none transmit Bluetooth which a Bluetooth headphone needs to communicate with. 😞 You need a Bluetooth Headphones that has a base station that accepts optical input from the tv, and then transmits Bluetooth to headphones. The Roku app on a cell phone with transmit Bluetooth?

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Re: Best Bluetooth connection

If I got headphones with a base that accepted optical input from the Roku, would plugging that optical cable into the base kill  the normal sound from  the Roku?

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Re: Best Bluetooth connection


I am not too sure how to accomplish this with the Roku devices and their limits of Bluetooth, but Avantree makes a lot of devices (headphones, receivers, etc) to handle hearing aids and other scenarious where people want to listen to TV and through different auxillary device (Bluettooth and others)  at the same time.  May be of some help to you.



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