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Av port does not appear

When I went to plug in my wii the back of my tv and the side did not have slot where I could plug it in the av cord the app comes up and I tried to plug it in via my cable box and that did not work ether Is there something I’m missing 

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Re: Av port does not appear

What make/model Roku TV do you have? They are not all identical, so we need to know the details of what it might have. 

I am assuming you are looking for analog inputs. That would be three connections, colored red, white and yellow. Red and white are the audio jacks and the yellow is video. Not all TVs have such connections anymore, and with some TVs you might have a adapter cable that provides the three connections on the end of a short cable with a single plug that connects to the TV. 


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Re: Av port does not appear


Thanks for the post.

Do you currently see the A/V input on your Home screen of your Roku TV? If not, you can add the input by going to Settings > TV inputs > AV.

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
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