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Audio output problems with a 75Q825

Hello all.

I have my first TCL-Roku tv and I am having some frustration with the audio interfacing to my stereo.

I started this with Denon AVR 2309ci which pre dates the HDMI-ARC standard so I connected the TV to the AVR via a digital optic cable (how my 55" samsung was connected). There were two issues with this connection.

1) there was random audio drop outs for a couple seconds on all sources

2) the audio stream output was not in the correct format most time. The best way to explain this is: if I connect the spectrum box to my receiver directly, the receiver will switch from stereo during commercials on HBO, then would switch to dolby digital when a show like West World or GOT would come on. (this is correct as there is no Dolby digital data in the previews and I get proper audio channel steering.) With the optical connection to between the TV and the receiver, the receiver was attempting to decode a dolby digital signal that was being generated by the TV when non exists (even with SD based programming!) this causes audio channels to be mixed wrong and in my case drop the subwoofer feed as there is no LFE .1 channel in this fake dolby digital feed, but my receiver is looking for one.

these problems exist with any audio output setting on the TV EXCEPT PCM stereo.. which is of course not the the correct answer as there is no surround processing when there SHOULD be.

I attempted the factory reset of the tv, no change

different optical cable, no change

different optical port on the receiver, no change


So I broke down and bought a new receiver, a Yamaha RX-A780. This is a full eARC receiver and supports atmos trueHD. This receiver does EXACTLY the same thing as the Denon did.

so far the only option that works with this TV is the run the audio output as stereo.. YOU DO NOT BUY A $3000 TV TO USE THE INCLUDED TV SPEAKERS!

Whats the deal with this? My 10 year old LG smart TV and Denon receiver worked as a dolby digital system WAY better than this. 

is there any hope or do I need to return this?

Oh, the picture is amazing so I would like to keep it but I really need audio pass-through atmos, even if it is only compressed DD+ atmos

thank you

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Re: Audio output problems with a 75Q825

Did you get this figured out? I’m currently in the same boat with my onkyo and tcl tv

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Re: Audio output problems with a 75Q825


Thanks for the post.

Can you please specify the issue you are experiencing? What is included in your current home setup.

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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