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Audio cuts in and out during private listening on Hisense TV with built in roku

I have a hisense tv with built in roku model 55R6+ serial number YN00AS703076. When I bought it, it didn’t not have the headphone port and I don’t have WiFi but I do use my cellular hotspot to keep it updated and watch some of my app but not frequently being it kills my data. So I bought a roku stick pack that came with the remote that has one and connected it to my tv and use the other one for the stick and both work fine but while listening to any channel or app the audio cuts in and out a lot but is still barely understand able so I can use it but it annoying af. I’ve tried all the common trouble shooting steps I’ve found while surfing many forums to try and get it to work. Thing like factor rest the tv, unplugging the Power to the tv and waiting then replugging it back in, as well as I tried all of the audio options in the ’S/PDIF and  ARC’ tab. The system is fully up to date and haven’t changed any of the setting except the audio tab but put back to auto where it was after I reset and only other thing I changed was menu volume to low because it super loud with head phones in. I have it connected a high speed HDMI cable to my direct tv box but still have issuse. It’s the same for all my other apps like Netflix and Hulu just to name a few and it’s all the exact same way cutting in and out. I also looked up some trouble shooting threw my tv manufacturer and seems like no issuse with the tv it’s self but either the roku software or the remote it’s self. As well as the remote has brand new batteries and is like only 5-6 feet away from the tv and nothing is blocking the sensor on the tv. 

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