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Re: Audio HDMI arc not working after update

Hi @jonesbasf,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We appreciate you sharing your experience with us about this. This has been escalated to the appropriate Roku team and is currently under investigation.

We'll add this information you have provided, and we'll make sure to drop an update here once we have it available.


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Re: Audio HDMI arc not working after update

Has there been an update on this issue?   I have the same symptoms that showed up in the same time-frame as the OP.   I can temporarily achieve ARC control whenever a refresh/update is initiated via Settings>System>CEC>Search or other TV-side HDMI setting changes, but ultimately ARC is shown as "inactive" after one or two power cycles of the TV.  Here's my Sharp Roku TV system information:

Sharp Model:  LC-65LBU591U
Hardware ID:  7209X
Serial#:  YN00CF227903
SW Version: 12.5.5 build 4174-38
Device ID:  9Y600C227903

Prior to the firmware update, I was connected fine for ~2 years to my Sony AV STR-DH550 Receiver via HDM1/ARC on TV and HDMI OUT(ARC) on the AV Receiver.  Also, I've tried a brand new overpriced HDMI 2.x cable but the issue remains.

Yes, I can send the sound to the wimpy TV speakers - but hate to waste the >$1K of sound equipment.

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