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Audio Guide disabled but it's happening on 1 channel (NBC) only

Turned on NBC tonight and the audio guide (voice) was interjecting during the show.  It's not like she's reading the script but instead describing what everyone is doing i.e. she's on her phone, he's rolling his eyes, he stops and turns to face him...  I went to the accessibility settings and made sure the audio guide was disabled and it was.  Even toggled back and forth to turn it on and off again.  Restarted ROKU.  Still happening.  Bizarre that it's one station?!  We use closed caption quite a bit so I even turned that off to make sure it wasn't causing an issue.  I can usually figure these things out but this has me confused.  Note: Audio description is also off on my Sony TV.  

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Community Moderator

Re: Audio Guide disabled but it's happening on 1 channel (NBC) only

Hi @Pete1,

Thanks for the post.

This may be through the channel settings or on the content itself. Try to pause the content you are streaming, then change the language. If the issue still persists, we suggest you contact the channel directly for feedback and assistance.

You can reach NBC support here: https://www.nbc.com/contact-us




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