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Attaching a Portable DVD Player to Roku TV

Does anyone know where and what kind of DVD Player I can get for my new Roku Smart TV? I do not have the TV on Internet, just connected to Large Antenna on the roof of 9 story Senior building, connected through a Cable in the wall but not through Cable TV, only through Digital Antenna. I have a Magnovax DVD player, but it has the Red, White and Yellow hook ups that go from the DVD to the TV and worked great on my other Magnovox Digital TV. But shows only a Yellow port on this Roku and the Yellow one from the DVD I have does not fit, so I need a different DVD player to be used with this Roku. Just do not know what to get and if what I do get will work without Internet, and only with Digital Antenna.
Please !!!!
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Re: Attaching a Portable DVD Player

Some TVs today still offer analog connections, but the ones I've seen all come with an adapter cable that provides the three necessary connections (red/white which are audio and yellow, which is video). Perhaps your adapter is in a drawer somewhere. 

But to make life simple for you just get a DVD player that has an HDMI output. Even better, just get a Blu Ray player, which can play DVDs just as well as BD discs. Odds are you can get a BD player for little more cost than a DVD player with an HDMI connection. Frankly, DVD players are becoming hard to find, as everyone wants a Blu Ray player for HD content.


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