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Anyway to show multiple SSID with the same name?

I am looking for a way to show multiple SSIDs that would use the same name. Currently my ROKU TV only shows the one with the strongest WIFI signal.

So my isp has unlimited wifi Hotspot. It's the only way I can connect my TCL roku. I have a full bars wifi signal to my nearest connection Hotspot.

Unfortunately this Hotspot has failed in the recent weeks and is not connected to the internet but the signal is still up, leaving me unable to obtain the ip address. Failure to connect with multiple devices. 

A weeker signal Hotspot is also within range, I know this because I use an app on my phone that shows the duplicate SSIDs and let's me choose which one to use. 

Weaker signal was tested and connects my phone. So now I am looking for a way to show multiple instances of the same SSID my RokuTVs wireless scan. 

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