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Re: Antenna TV guide only working when connected to network

@JAM60680 @dr323 

Thanks for the posts and information.

I have passed along the information to the appropriate team to investigate further.


Danny R.
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Re: Antenna TV guide only working when connected to network


Thanks for posting an answer and forwarding the problem to the development team. Will you post their response to this problem? And give a clue if they will fix it or not.

Thank you

Digital antenna now won't work unless connected to internet

I have had my TCL Roku tv for more than 3 years. Only within the last two weeks. I cannot access tv from my digital antenna. I tried purchasing a new antenna, and doing a full reset. 

It will only work when connected to my internet, through my phone. 

I'm not interested in streaming data from my phone to watch free TV. 

What has changed? 

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Re: Digital antenna now won't work unless connected to internet

@cameronlhutton , If you view home>settings>system>system update, you'll probably see the last-updated date corresponds to when this problem began. The update has caused a variety of problems for people. Your post appears to have been merged in with 2-3 other threads on the same topic. Read through the prior posts.

Looking at past threads about various problems doesn't instill much hope that Roku will view this as a problem, or prioritize fixing it. I think your choices are:

1) Do a system>advanced>factory reset. During the initial setup, I think you can tell it you don't have internet access. It will install whatever version of software it came with. You could then use your tv as a "dumb tv" just to watch antenna tv. Never connect it to the internet.

2) If you want to stream, you could buy an external streaming box to use with #1 above.

Or, buy an inexpensive DTV tuner box with HDMI connector. Use that to watch antenna tv with your now-hobbled TV (until another update breaks you in some other way).

I'm using the MediaSonic HW-150 DTV tuner. It's not bad, except for the channel management (setting hidden and fav'ed channels). Once it's setup, it's not too bad to use. It would definitely be an improvement over *no* antenna tv.

I also have a ViewTV AT-300, and an iView 3500. I'm going to switch to one of them today, and see how it compares. (Then I'll switch again, to be able to compare all three. There's others on Amazon. These three get the best reviews/"best of" pages. But, there could be something better on Amazon that hasn't been recognized yet.

Anyway, even if your antenna tv worked without internet, the update was a step backwards in other ways. If you liked favorites, that's gone. If you liked holding up/down button to continuously change channels, that doesn't work anymore. Roku added 1000+ streaming channels to Antenna TV. You can imagine how nice that is to scroll through one channel at a time, over and over, for the rest of your life. (You can hide-all in settings>Tv Inputs. But, you can't hide some. Also, you can left-arrow to guide, and the up/down arrow work faster there. Plus the << & >> keys scroll by page. That makes it better.).

"People are often amazed at how much we’ve done with the number of engineers we’ve got." (Roku CEO Anthony Wood, Austin Statesman, Oct 4, 2019). "Amazed" is one way of putting it.

Re: Antenna TV guide only working when connected to network

I didn't want a "smart tv" but was gifted one for Christmas. I have limited intenet and no desire to steam all the time. The fact that I can't use my antenna without being connected is ridiculous!

Where is an update on this solution? 

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Re: Antenna TV guide only working when connected to network

Hi Danny,

After yesterday's "supercharging your system" update I can finally watch offline tv again, thanks for finally fixing that 🙂

But the guide with the channel lists still doesn't work offline, I can not get past the loading screen, like the one someone here posted a pic of. Before the streaming channels update, it showed at least my channel numbers on the left, where I could quickly change to a different channel.

The missing channel list makes it very difficult to navigate though the channels, since the remote alone is very slow to respond. We need a remote with numberpads!

Will this offline channel guide also be fixed soon?

Oh, and I also would like favorites back, and be able to choose which channels to put in favorites.

Channel Surfer

Re: Antenna TV guide only working when connected to network

My solution - factory reset, never connect to network (skip internet connection setup), use it as dumb (not smart) TV.

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Re: Antenna TV guide only working when connected to network

My TCL Roku Tv has been doing that as of late. (Antenna channels only working on internet). Ive been messing around with the settings and I went to System settings > Advanced system settings > Factory reset 

There in factory reset you have an option to reset TV audio/picture settings or to factory reset everything. Before you decide to clear the contents of your tv try resetting TV Audio/ Picture settings.. It worked for me, now I can watch Local channels without being connected to the internet.... 

Let me know if it works for yall

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Re: Antenna TV guide only working when connected to network

Does the guide work when you do this? It didn't for me.

Although using this reset method will work for those who never have the internet, what about people where internet temporarily stops working? Fortunately ISPs internet is not as reliable as we would like. Having to mess around with a reset every time there's a service drop it's not really an acceptable solution. Roku needs to fix this software.

As an aside analyst just gave Roku stock a strong up recommendation. Looks like they're supporting their stockholders rather than their customers!

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Re: Antenna TV guide only working when connected to network

No the guide does not work. Which is expected since I have never used a guide with antenna tv. Thought that was for cable... Onto the other question Yes. It does still apply when I connect The tv to the internet and disconnected. 

Although I am using mobile hotspot and not a router, the settings still applied after I connected the tv to the internet and turned both off. Antenna channels still show just without a guide...

Hope that helps 

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