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All Streaming Grainy, Blu Ray perfect..help

Hello All

I have a TCL Roku Tv and have endured the blame game for low bandwidth far too long.

I have a Roku Tv 7111x, Model 55s401, software version 9.2.6 build 4132-30.

A year ago roughly I reached out to netflix because the app returns speeds of 14-19 mbps and the tv connects at 57-61 mbps.

Netflix blamed the internet, the internet blamed the tv, tcl blamed roku... all **bleep** companies

so Spectrum was having bandwidth issues due to quarantine. My wife is a teacher and we must have bandwidth for school video conferencing. I upgraded my package to 400 mbps. I am getting 489 mbps via his troubleshooting device he hooked up too and also my phone tested at 510 mbps when he assked me to download the ookla speedtest app.

family is up and awake and my phone reports 291 mbps down and 21.2 up. spectrum has its pricing flaws but the customer service is great and they sent a tech out with no need for that extra at&t direct insurance to cover cost..lmao I worked for at&t direcTv, horrible company.

TCLUSA said my wifi is divided among the amount of channels and research said that was untrue and I called Spectrum to debunk TCL and when a device is hardwired it will get priority and all the speed. she said since I have 400 mbps that the Tv should max out at a 100 mpbs. The remainer goes to wifi. she said since I am hardwired with 1 tv, wifi on 3 devices. historically with our data use, the tv should get 100 mbps.

TCL is now blaming roku and saying its a software issue. I believe the TV is inferior and they cut corners making it because far to many americans lack the energy to get about ethics and quality to research who is too blame.

any Ideas on if this tv will get a 100 mbps


thank you for your time

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Re: All Streaming Grainy, Blu Ray perfect..help

My Xbox streams Netflix clearer than the roku tv. All the streaming services are grainy. Smiley Sad

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