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Airplay not working on Smart Soundbar

I have just purchased the Smart Soundbar (Roku). I go to Settings and System and Select the Airplay option. It displays a banner with Airplay and then exists back to the menu. I have tried restarting the Roku. Should it do more than this? It says it will go to somewhere to setup Airplay but does not.

My phone is working fine - my Roku Ultra shows up as an Airplay device, the Soundbar does not.

The Soundbar is running the latest version.

Update: On my Roku Ultra, when I go to Airplay from the Settings menu, it gives me a list of options. With the Roku Smart Soundbar it does not. It just returns to the settings menu as if Airplay has crashed,

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Re: Airplay not working on Smart Soundbar

Is it possible that your soundbar is connected to a different wireless network than the phone? By this I mean is there a guest side of your wireless, separate from your main SSID? Guest access almost always has a security function that prohibits connected devices from seeing anything else on the network. It's solely for Internet access. 

If the soundbar and the Ultra are both on the same wireless network, is one on 5 GHz and one on 2.4 GHz? It shouldn't make a difference (it doesn't on my home network) but one can never tell. 


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Re: Airplay not working on Smart Soundbar

Thanks. They are on same network. I think the issue is with the soundbar. I'm not sure it is configuring airplay correctly.

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