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Adding a speaker for another room

I have had a Roku tv, soundbar, and two wireless speakers for a month. I would like to add a third speaker, so that we can hear music in another room. But I don't want this to be synced with the tv, or disrupt surround sound. Is it possible to do this with Roku speakers? 

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Re: Adding a speaker for another room

If it's not sync'd to the TV, where will it get the audio from? If it connects to the Roku soundbar, it's going to have the same audio coming from the TV/whatever. 

But the main question is, can the soundbar link with more than two speakers, and can that additional speaker be assigned a specific channel? I don't know myself, but I would think the odds are quite low that it's possible. From a technical viewpoint, it certainly should be possible to pair additional speakers. But the software would have to be designed for it, and I just have my doubts that Roku did so. 

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