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Adding a DVR feature to an Roku TV?

Since my TV has an option to pause live TV by storing the buffer on a USB device, is there a way that I can use the USB port as a DVR?
All I need is an app to record the content on to the USB drive.
I figure it's already recording the content to the USB drive anyway for the pause buffer.

This is the TV that I am using.

Own 2x Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3600X) connected to the home theater receivers HDMI port
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Re: Adding a DVR feature to an Roku TV?

There's no known way to do it currently. If Roku is working on something like this, they never acknowledge it until release. No you do have another option. A device called the HD HomeRun connects to your cable/TV antenna and your network, and serves as a networked DVR and can stream the recorded video to a networked device. I prefer to use a computer with a TV card, so I can edit the commercials and other fluff from the recording. 
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Re: Adding a DVR feature to an Roku TV?

I have the same series roku tv and was wondering the same thing,lol. I'm a member of the roku beta test community which I test the software on roku streaming boxes/sticks for bugs and glitches before they roll out the software for updates. I'm still waiting to get into the rokutv beta testing since I've only had my tv for 2 months now. I'm planning on asking about this when I become part of them. I'd even pay for the software if they'd create a dvr software for these rokutvs.


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Re: Adding a DVR feature to an Roku TV?

Look into Tablo TV https://www.tablotv.com/

From what I know, it connects to an antenna, records stuff like a DVR, but then plays thru your Roku as it also connects to your LAN (typically Wi-Fi).


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