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ARC Function (video portion) stopped working with TCL 65R625 & Yamaha RX-V383 Receiver

I have my TV (TCL 65R625) connected to my receiver via ARC.  I have a Sony UHD player and an XBOX connected to the receiver as well. 

All of a sudden I lost picture when playing a BluRay (it working fine, I went to change discs and it stopped).  The audio from the player is working, so that's not the issue.  I also went to the Netflix app from the TV itself, and the audio was coming through the receiver fine.  I swapped out HDMI cables, no luck.  I then switched the cable coming from my receiver from the ARC port (HDMI 4) to HDMI 3, and it worked--I had full audio and picture from BluRay player again.

So it's definitely something with that port itself, but can't figure out why it's only the incoming signal that's not working.  

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