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9020x Wireless speakers will pair with my TCL Roku TV but not my Streambar Pro

I have a TCL Roku TV and Roku Wireless 9020x speakers. I am adding a Streambar Pro and Subwoofer to the system. I did a factory reset to the speakers to "Unpair" them with the TV since I want to use all the speakers at the same time. I paired the Streambar Pro to the TV. I paired the Subwoofer to the Streambar. However, when I try to pair the 9020x speakers to the Streambar it times out. I've tried manually pairing them per the instructions. I've tried unplugging them and pressing the pair button (also per the instructions). I get the blinking light on the back of the speakers which means they should be in pairing mode. However, nothing works. I'm going to try re-pairing them with the TV so I can force an update, then remove them without a factory reset, but do not hold out much hope. 

The only thing I can think of is that since these are an older gen of these speakers that they are not using Bluetooth 5.0. This appears to be required by the Streambar Pro. Can anyone confirm or give me some other things I can try? 

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Re: 9020x Wireless speakers will pair with my TCL Roku TV but not my Streambar Pro

Roku's do not use bluetooth at all to communicate with each other, they use Wifi-Direct which is completely different type of RF. Yes roku accept bluetooth from outside devices like cellphones and tablets. But it doesn't transmit bluetooth. Just keep trying to pair, or switch up what devices you pair first?
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