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75” TCL R615 Apple TV Dolby Vision Issue

I am noticing a serious issue with Dolby Vision content when played from ITunes or the TV app on my Apple TV 4K. Certain scenes every time you get to them appear to be blown out with brightness and colors almost look inverted. I have submitted a ticket with Apple to look into this including video and sysdiags. I wanted to see if anyone else out there with Dolby Vision capable TCL TVs and if they own either “The Matrix” or “A Quiet Place” and if they can replicate this issue that I am having. See below for video footage and scenes to test. I included the same scene played back from the Vudu app in Dolby Vision to show how it the same scene plays back correctly.

TV: TCL 75” R615

Troubleshooting completed:

• Tested all HDMI ports on the TV

• Tested multiple 18gbps high speed HDMI cables and HDMI 2.1 48gbps cable

• Full reset TV

• Full reset Apple TV

• Tested Dolby vision content from all other sources with no issues

• Tried adjusting all picture settings

A Quiet Place from TV app

The Matrix from TV app

The Matrix from Vudu app

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