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Level 7

65r625 reboots frequently when connected to xbox one

65r625 reboots itself very regularly when connected to an Xbox one which goes through a Denon AVR-X7200WA which is turned off so it is in pass through hdmi mode.  

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Re: 65r625 reboots frequently when connected to xbox one

@bnsherer  Thanks for reaching out. A few more questions here to help better understand what you are seeing: 

- Does this behavior occur if you connect your Xbox directly to one of your TV's HDMI ports? 

- When does the reboot occur when you have selected the Xbox input on your AVR? While playing a game, streaming content, etc.?

- Have you contacted TCL support yet to report the issue and request any additional assistance? 

The next time you observe this behavior occurring, please generate an issue tracker report ID by pressing the home button 5 times quickly, followed by the back button 5 times quickly. Please send me a private message with the serial number of your Roku TV from Settings>System>About, along with this ID. We can try to help take a closer look from there. 




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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Re: 65r625 reboots frequently when connected to xbox one

I am having the same problem, same TV with an Xbox One X. It seems to only happen on the Xbox home screen but I can't seem to pinpoint a specific trigger, possibly related to changing modes or resolutions when leaving a game or app. But it doesn't happen every time and there seems to be a delay between when the TV crashes (and stops responding to input, but continues to show video) and the eventual rebooting of the TV. I saved an issue tracker number which I can send to supportisupport that will help.

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