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55r625 no surround sound with Sonos

I just got a R625 which I am using with a Sonos Beam (Hooked up via Arc HDMI)a two Sonos Play 1s. The Roku software is updated to 9.2.2 build 6106-88. I can get surround from every TV app (Amazon, Disney, Apple TV, Vudu) except for Netflix which appears to be playing back in stereo? The TV is set to autodetect the audio source but I have tried auto passthrough, dolby digital etc and no change. 

What is odd is I had this exact Sonos surround setup on the older TCL R615 and it played surround in Netflix just fine. So this issue appears to be related to this model or this build or roku? 

Every device is up to date (Sonos even says Dolby 5.1 signal while the Netflix stream is playing). I am hoping there is a newer build of Roku app in the works that will help address this annoying issue? Thank you kindly. 

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