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32"Onn. Roku tv sluggish response

Having issues with 32" Onn Roku tv. Slow response. Some occasion it kicks me back to home screen when opening new app. Software up to date. Stand alone Roku express works better the TV Roku. Anyone have any similar issues or any solution to problem? 

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Re: 32"Onn. Roku tv sluggish response

From the home screen, try pressing these remote buttons in quick succession:

Home 5 times

Up arrow

Rewind 2 times

Fast Fwd 2 times

This forces a cache-clear and reboot, which can help restore performance on a Roku that's become sluggish. Some of the manufacturers unfortunately skimp on memory with their smaller sets. I have to do this sometimes on our kitchen TV (TCL 3-series 32s327) after using one of the more resource-hungry apps like Netflix or especially Amazon Prime Video. Even with limited RAM & flash, the Roku OS really ought to be able to clean up after these piggish apps on its own, and hopefully a future update will make improvements in this area, but at at least the manual flush is available until then, and only takes about a minute to run.

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