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1 remote controlling two roku TVs

I purhcased two roku tvs. The remotes that came with the TV's controlled each TV.

So, I bought two separate voice remotes from Walmart. I paired VoiceRemote#1 to Roku TV#1 while Roku TV#2 was unplugged

I unplugged TV#1, plugged in TV#2, put batteries into VoiceRemote#2, then paird Remote#2 to RokuTV#2.

After, I plugged TV#1 back in.

Both NEW VoiceRemotes control each tv. They STILL have crossover...

Is there a better way to control these 2 tvs without crossover of the remotes?

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Re: 1 remote controlling two roku TVs


Thanks for the inquiry.

I'll tag @Tivoburkee here for the best recommendations as he's our resident remote Community Expert.


Danny R.
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