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Roku Guru

You Decide!

My Roku Streaming devices have been a real joy to use since the first one over 2 years ago.  Now I am hit with  an unexpected roadblock in Roku usage.  

With the massive Stay-At-Home Quarantines issued across the US, Internet Access appears to be under a great strain in spite of all the scrambling each vigilant provider has been doing to keep things up and running.  And Roku OS seems to be affected as well in a similar vein. 

Tubi or Vudu apps seem to give me trouble too during the day or into the early night.  I do the fixes that worked well in the past.  Not now.  Then I must switch to my alternate streaming device from another maker to watch these apps.  Even then at times I have to give up and read a book or switch to over-the-air broadcasts to substitute what I really want.

In spite of these problems,  it seems that streaming content with average joe America (and other countries across the globe) is here to stay.   I am not writing these observations as a critical assessment of Roku or the other platforms, just a reminder to others that they are going through their Rite Of Fire right now.  We as their loyal consumers and customers must keep this in mind and support them here by not jumping into conclusions at this time.  

Next time you want to emotionally blow up at or tempted to do so with the actual physical act with your Roku device(s) and/or television(s), take a deep breath and give thanks that the technology is here to stay.  That it exists.  It is affordable.  And still somewhat continue to function even at this never-in-a-million years unexpected variable was introduced.  In it’s own way I believe it is helping to keep people somewhat sane and physically safe from actual harm by mental distraction and physically at home. 

Until the vaccine and/or proven treatments are available, it’s the only surefire way.