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Roku Guru

Which movies and shows did you stream for Memorial Day weekend?

And your reviews.    

I'll start.

I saw: 

Midway (1976, Charleton Heston, PG, 2 hr 12 min) - Was better than I thought it would be.  Focused on the chess game between Japanese and U.S. admirals.  Ex. If the Japanese fighters are fitted with torpedoes to attack the US carriers, then they can't be used for dog fighting in the air or to bomb Midway island.  Choices had to be made; choices with consequences!

Sands of Iwo Jima (1949, John Wayne, approved, 1 hr 40 min) - Pretty good film.  Culminates with a recreation of that famous image of U.S. marines putting up the American flag.  About as patriotic as it gets imo.  

The Longest Day (1962, John Wayne, G, 2 hr 58 min) - The story of D-Day in WWII.  A remarkable film in several ways.  1) extended scenes of Germans speaking German; 2) star actor cameos (Robert Wagner, Sean Connery are spotted in US uniforms); 3) spectacular recreations and cinematography (helicopter-mounted cameras panning across simulated battlefields for hundreds of meters - amazing!); 4) spends a lot of time on how the earliest Allied troops parachuted into France secretly at night and how they had to sneak around and find each other behind enemy lines and get into position before D-Day started.  Overall a good Memorial weekend watch.  

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Which movies and shows did you stream for Memorial Day weekend?

Jaws, The Patriot, and We Were Soldiers.  

And then of course the NHL playoffs.

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Roku Guru

Re: Which movies and shows did you stream for Memorial Day weekend?

For myself-absolutely nothing!  I used Streaming for a year and a half trying to deal with the long rather empty waking hours with something. 

Now being fully vaccinated and ready to go back into the wide 🌎 world, I did plenty of other things that did not require staying indoors.  My new Streaming goal is to lessen the hours of sitting in front of the screen.  So I am now a proud owner of a new Vankyo v630w projector.  I want to watch discs/stream/mirror/USB only at night with a purpose from now on. Not blind mindless passive streaming hour after hour boob tube style.

I want to return to more Balance in my life.  I think I grew way too dependent on ALL of  my Streaming Devices, not just the Roku ones.  I still do like to stream or even do traditional OTA broadcast TV viewing.  I just need to limit my own approach and use to both old & new technologies.  In a more thoughtful and purposeful sort of viewing.  As in a cinematic way like one does in a movie theater.

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