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Roku Guru

Where Streaming Live TV Is Not Much Different Than Cable TV

Well, apparently Streaming is losing it's initial appeal with some to many of it's users. 
".......I’m not happy about switching back to cable. I wanted streaming live TV to be better than it turned out to be. Unfortunately, it was probably never going to be the savior we thought it would be. All hail the cable companies........"-from the original discussed article

How come?  Read the list of links below.  I don't really get his gripes as I keep my own preferences unhitched to any one service or corporation.  I find even after all these years have gone by since my first viewing of streamed content on my old Acer laptop, I still preferred to stream. Never considered Traditional  Cable TV.  With JUST ONE Internet access point at home, WiFi or Ethernet hookup as I choose to use.  And still do other computer based activities to run my 21st Century life too.  Not just on my Cell Phones' own data plans.

The Switch Back To Tradition:

Price Comparisons:

Not So Appealing Anymore:

Though the secret concept to remember here is........Cord Cutting Only Sucks If You’re Trying to Replicate Cable:

So the rest of you are worried about your choices in the Streaming World, take heart.  This is where the above author of some of these articles is missing  out on.  Streaming is what you choose.  Choose right for you (like me), and it's fantastic (and cheap).  Choose wrong and you will be running around and bouncing from one new thing to the next one!

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Roku Guru

Re: Where Streaming Live TV Is Not Much Different Than Cable TV

One more thing about choices in the TV broadcast world.  I do not have to put up with some mindless suits' or his equally bimbo wifes'  choices what will be on and what programming will be withdrawn without any input from me-or any other average Joe somewhere out there in the real world.  Then be forced fed content suitable for the trash pail. 

Those of you born after the VCR, Laserdisc, and rest of the the home video 📷 revolution cannot grasp the mind numbing overly censored content that was presented to the world of that time.  There were only a few channels with limited  watchable content which appealed  to you personally that MIGHT/MAY be broadcast for a decent amount of time (for more than a couple of cancelled  episodes) if you were lucky.

Then again, most of the were out of luck.

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