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Update requiring complete breakdown?!!

We—YOUR CUSTOMERS—have bad news: Since you can’t seem to get your sh*t together and push through “updates” that don’t destroy the Roku devices we paid for, we’re going to ditch Roku altogether.

You don’t even have customer service to address the issues you—as a company—are creating for your customers! “Contact us” is a sham of cycling menus until one reaches the end where Roku tells the customer to ask other customers. Wtf?

Today’s “update” requires the customer to disconnect everything (TV, Roku, Cable box, etc.) then reconnect everything? Thanks, asshats. Now this handicapped woman has to wait a week or more for someone to come do that? Or hire someone to come do that? DURING A PANDEMIC.

Why are you screwing with hardware connections at all?

I bought a Roku TV. Then, your updates did not includes new apps such as HBO+ Or Apple+ So—even though the TV is in perfect working order, I was forced to buy a Roku Express in order to bypass the built-in Roku feature.

Now you want me to uninstall the entire set-up and reconnect it all again? For a software update? You aren’t asking customers to turn it off and back on again. You’re asking them to completely disassemble their set-ups and reassemble them again...for a software update?

I recently received an outreach to join an accessibilities response against Roku. This latest updates issue is why there is even talk about joining together to respond to Roku. This is exactly why the the handicapped always have to resort to the courts. It is certainly the final straw for me. I’m out. And I’m joining their group. Your company is a sham.

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Re: Update requiring complete breakdown?!!

Yes. Roku support is a joke. It is non-existent. I have purchased a Firestick and it works great. I will not be replacing my Roku device when it finally dies. Roku you need to learn how to do customer support or you are going to lose all your customers. Your support SUCKS.