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Community Streaming Expert

Themes/visual changes to this support community board

Perhaps I'm overlooking something, but assuming not, it seems to me as if this community support board only has a single visual theme. The problem is twofold, one minor, and one major.

The minor one is that some people simply prefer to see things in a different layout, color scheme, or other visual difference.

The major one is that the current theme has a color palette that can be difficult for some users. Those with excellent vision, or excellently corrected vision, don't really appreciate how such things can be difficult. Sometimes, it is a huge help and reduced strain on the eyes for there to be a larger contrast, or variation in colors, of a Website.

If your current software offers user-configurable themes, that would be a welcome change for some users.

Thanks for the consideration.

Roku Community Streaming Expert
Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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