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Channel Surfer

Roku has been a horrible experience for me

First Roku has never refunded me after returning of one of my devices. Even after I notified my CC company, I was forced to eat the $39.99 cost. I still have one device I have never opened. I had purchased 2 devices at $39.99 each. Chase and Roku suck.

Second, I have been using an older premier that my brother gave me for an older tv (without internet access). It used to work great but now Roku and Spectrum are pissing on their customers. Roku will not even let me log into the Spectrum app so I can get service I pay for.

I hate Roku and am tempted to smash all the devices and send them to Roku HQ in San Jose, CA.

That is how I feel about Roku. They care more about their stock value than their customers.


Roku Guru

Re: Roku has been a horrible experience for me

How sad that this very important and vital  issue has went down to this equally tragic level.  

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