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Roku Default Screen Saver Edit

So I just noticed how the background moves not at all with the pitch of the camera in contrast to the angle of the object and wanted to volunteer to take on the editing project. My goal is to make an evenflow imagery effect for personal use. How would I gov about finding the editing software & template.
Looking forward to a successful answer from a moderator or administrator on this post.

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Screensaver possible fun for familys

I was wondering if I could be involved in a interactive screensaver.It would be fun and profitable.Our family looks at our "fishtank" screensaver quite often and have developed a relation with this peaceful seascape.We thought it would be fun if we could buy rare fish,food,decorations and maintenence products.A simple interactive program could be installed to personalize the tank that many of us may not be able to afford or just don't want the huge responsobility.A status screen could let us know the condition of our aqua enviroment,maybe needing occasionally filters,salt or food that could be purchased for a slight nominal fee.Possibly invite a super rare fictional Seamonster that could devastate the fish but increase in size and value.Maybe we could do a buy sell trade with potential for small profit.This would be great for kids teaching them how to maintain a small ecosystem ,instilling a sense of pride and responsibility at a young age without all the mess and hassle of a real tank.This may be just the little thing that makes people prefer your box over the hundreds of others. THANK YOU for considering my pitch and if there was any chance I could be involved please contact me.# screensaver#screensaver@ product

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