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ROKU Networks and Programming. Who can get my email? All are being Blocked!

Dear ??? Corporate ROKU:

It has come to my attention there is an attempt to remove Christian programs from not only Networks, but also from ROKU.
I’m asking you to share this email to others, especially those in direct authority to add or remove programming.
Jim Bakker should not have been singled out by anyone, much less a group calling themselves “Christian” when their actions are far from being Christian! He has done nothing to warrant a second look! He sells survival food and healthy products. He also gives people the opportunity of hearing the Word of God. Each one can judge for themselves. He damns no one.
I cut off our cable and satellite access to television and chose ROKU so that I could find programming and believe it or not, even the TRUTH, in what I watch! I implore you to ignore and trash ANY communication or complaint that infringes on our Liberty. Our Freedom of expression. Our Freedom of Speech.
Faithful America .org does Not speak for me and millions of others who have come forward to help the Jim Bakker Show, MorningSide Ministries and PTL to help pay the broadcasts bills because their credit card monies have been cut off. THIS IS WRONG! AND WHAT DOES THE FEDERAL RESERVE HAVE TO DO WITH THIS? WHAT AUTHORITY DOES THE FEDERAL RESERVE HAVE OVER ROKU?
Faithful America’s little motto is “Love thy neighbor. No exceptions.”    
How ‘Christian’ is this? Even Jesus would condemn them by HIS OWN WORDS.
I have watched, and continue to watch on ROKU, the JimBakkerShow. NEVER has Mr. Bakker EVER said the Silver Product sold on that show cures ANYTHING! NEVER. These people continue to twist their narrative and change what is actually being said to fit their futile means. 
I implore you to ignore such petitions and requests that may ask ROKU to remove ANY religious program, or any program for that matter. IF there were to be an exception, I would think it would have to be on sexual, disgusting, not helping and even harmful programming content! Regardless, I certainly have HOPE that ROKU will hold to our Constitutional Rights and Beliefs. No one should be presumed guilty!
Thank you very much for ROKU. I enjoy programming of so many different forms! I hope that I will remain a customer.
Georgia, USA
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Re: ROKU Networks and Programming. Who can get my email? All are being Blocked!

The thing with Christian Channels is they arent maintained well by the original authors.

This happen with many Channels there are hundreds. They just arent kept up and mostly

get abandoned.

Theres an old saying "If you dont like the News go out and make your own".


---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.