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Re: Repetetive Ads and Political Bias

On repetitive ads: If it’s bad marketing, that’s a problem for the customer, not you or me. Frankly, it may also be a sign that whatever channel you are watching is having trouble attracting customers.  (Then again, given your bathroom break statement, maybe it’s a strategy?  Who knows?)  In any case, I don’t see why you’d get annoyed at the one guy who is willing to pay for your TV shows.

As for the political stuff, I don’t believe giving someone an opportunity means paying for their ads or forcing them to take that opportunity, so maybe various politicians are simply choosing to spend their dollars elsewhere.  It must be hard to choose these days with so many channels.  I think this is something for congress, lawyers or the FCC to figure out.  I don’t watch political ads myself and don’t recommend them to anyone.  (I generally don’t do ads at all but I consider those to be the worst.)