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Roku Guru

No Time To Trash & Bash Roku:. Look Beneath The Obvious

I really think people who trash and bash Roku in haste should reconsider.  ROKU HAS NOT FORSAKEN AND FORGOTTEN IT'S USERS.  Far from it.  Neither have the company moved on in the way that people are envisioning or outright accusing. 

Roku is really on the warpath to attract more people using their products.  Even with the lopsided cracked supply chain of late.  Or the ever present Pandemic upsetting the applecart even more.  See for yourselves and try to communicate more positively-especially in troubling times like this. 

Roku DOES deliver-just it might not be exactly the way you want it.

I am most certainly about to deliver another End Of The Year Holiday article to update not 1, but 2 topics I wrote a couple of years ago.  Times have changed and this change needs something Positive to help us cope during these  troubled and shaky times.

Watch for it to appear here!

Reading List

"Roku Sets Biggest Ever Brand Campaign for Holiday Season – Adweek"


Later Edit

One More Article Of Special Interest For Roku Users:


The new Roku Streaming Stick 4k gives you Roku's service agnostic platform with thousands of apps — and now, 4k viewing. The Streaming Stick 4k is approximately as long as a credit card and slightly wider than the HDMI it plugs into, with a USB power cord that doubles as a WiFi antenna. The included remote lets you fly through Roku's excellent, fast interface, while the free app allows for similar functionality

Roku Guru

Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

Really not interested in taking any advice from somebody named boogernose.  Pass. lol ................................................................................................................................................................................

Channel Surfer

Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

They flat out suck! Horrible support or lack of. They bully others on their platform but are forgetting what got them where they are, the customers. 

Roku Guru

Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

I trash them cause every 6month a update comes out that either BREAKS something they fix  multiple times or the break something else that falls back in to first category. And then they have to nerve to tell me it my tv... yah all 3 of roku based tv have same issues all at same on same updates, but my tv all 3 of them. that all magicly stop having those problems after few minor updates get pushed.


I bought roku based tv cause it  the best rated of  budget tv. and it is great when update are not bust thing. and fact update re break things the broke countless time there is something wrong.


Gamemode seem to break with almost ever major update which take 2-3 minor updates to fix, im on 4th time and update has broke that. have to system restart to fix that.


Motions smoothing that random glitchs on and need to have tv reboot to fix 2nd update to break.


and these problem happen randomly upon changing input previous to this 10.0 update i got I had 8 months NO issue with any of this till this update. it these issue are happen on ALL my roku tv there all same model too boot. if i dont change my input i have no issue.


CAnt disconnect tv from internet cause I actual bought tv to US streaming platform  built in so i could use hdmi's for other stuff can disable system update either, other wise I would disable system update moment i found build that fixed everything.


APP update and System update are 2 different system update we should be able to disable and app should be update upon launch them if need be. and some tv i hear do have this option to disable system update by my tv do not,  and they all seem to have same problelms at same time on same update that randomly get fixed with minor  update of months of it happening. if it just 1 tv have the issue i would buy the tv is the issue but 3?


As such i no interested in buy roku again or even  recommend roku anything till roku get there act together.


I expect these kind issue with WINDOW OS and there update but updates that are constantly break functions of tv...

Roku Guru

Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

All 5 of my Roku devices are on OS 10.5.0 build 4191. The newest updates did not break a darn thing with my 3 TVs and my soundbar\subwoofer. How do I get, so lucky with my Roku products?

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Roku Guru

Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

Sometimes you just get lucky that they dont break some individual small problem. I have had times where DTS audio break, so unless you had a soundbar or av receiver, some people would not notice. Other times another weird little issue. Sometimes major ones, just never know. Most people are fine with a release having an issue, if they could just go back for a set amount of time (month/3 months etc) until the issues are fixed, but instead of usually forced to stay. Provide the option less anger overall.

Streaming Star

Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

@OwnerofDevices wrote:

All 5 of my Roku devices are on OS 10.5.0 build 4191. The newest updates did not break a darn thing with my 3 TVs and my soundbar\subwoofer. How do I get, so lucky with my Roku products?

Maybe you just aren’t using the broken features like RMP.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

I watched a movie on my Ultra 4800 yesterday using RMP. It was a OTA TV show that I had edited out the commercials and saved as a TS file. MPEG2 video, two channel AC3 audio and EIA 608 captions. The only problem with RMP is that TS files will not pause (MKV files pause fine). Very curious behavior, but there were no visual or audio issues. 


Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Reel Rookie

Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

@OwnerofDevices: "in my day we never had a polio vaccine, and I turned out just fine."

Channel Surfer

Re: Please Stop Trashing Roku

I do not want to trash Roku but seriously what is this forum for, to fix stuff right?

Stuff made my Roku that does not work as expected.

Like yesterday after the update when my Roku started rebooting because some dip sheet badly coded an update, then another dip sheet failed to spot it on quality assurance.

As always it is poor coders writing sloppy code.

Now who do these guys work for?

No it is not IBM, Microsoft or Apple. it is Roku

The answer to bad code that leaks memory is to give your developers really shiiitteee kit, with low low memory, they they write code that is tight, lean n mean.

Who else should I complaint to?

Who else should I get angry at?

Who else should I trash because or poor unresponsive service from Roku?