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Reel Rookie

Looking for herb antenna which one works best

Looking to buy a herb antenna that works with my room and is easy to install

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Roku Guru

Re: Looking for herb antenna which one works best

By herb antenna, I assume you mean something similar to the Mohu Leaf antennas for plugging into a Roku TV.

Here is some of the best internet searches to get reviews:
"NY Times Wirecutters best indoor HDTV Antenna"

"CNET Best TV Antenna for 2022'

Both go into detail about what antennas they liked best and why.

An app on Google Play store called "Antenna Point" may also be extremely helpful.  I had a friend put a leaf style antenna on the wall which resulted in being placed such that the *side* of the antenna was being used to pick up the over the air transmission.  This didn't work well.  Turning the antenna to face the TV transmitter made things work much better.

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Re: Looking for herb antenna which one works best

In the real world, there is no such thing as a 200-mile antenna; the claim that there is is just marketing fluff. One can anticipate seeing stations approximately 15–20 miles beyond the horizon when using a normal residential setup, which includes a rooftop antenna of good quality and high gain that is pointed in the direction of a transmitter. Depending on the topography of the area and the height of the receiving antenna, this distance is equivalent to between 55 and 75 miles away from the transmitter. The reception of digital transmissions, particularly on the UHF band, exhibits a pronounced "knee," also known as a dropoff in reception beyond the horizon. As a result, reception of those stations is severely limited beyond the area that is supposed to be covered by the station. The concept of a "200 mile" antenna is laughable due to the fact that the distance between TV stations that broadcast on the same channel is typically much less than 200 miles, and co-channel interference would render the TV signal ineffective if such an antenna were used. I spent a significant portion of my adolescence working as a TV and FM antenna installer, and I've also done a lot of research and writing about the difficulties of TV reception. Every single reception setting is one of a kind, and hence, the installation must often be adapted to the particular place. Feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding the reception, and if you'd like, I'll respond personally and offer some suggestions as to how your particular issues might be resolved. I have experience installing antennas in a variety of locations across the country, and I would be more than delighted to assist you in any way that I possibly can.
Reel Rookie

Re: Looking for herb antenna which one works best

Of all the antennas in our latest round of testing, the Antennas Direct ClearStream Flex was the most consistent performer. It always ranked at or near the top in the number of channels received, and in our technical tests it produced a strong signal with relatively low noise.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Looking for herb antenna which one works best

I have a yagi antenna about 7 feet long hanging from the ceiling of my garage, which places it 12' above the ground, and my home is about 400' above the valley to the north. Most of the TV transmitting antennas I can receive are no more than about 25 miles away, and the signal is satisfactory. On occasion, I can actually get a watchable signal from a transmitter about 90 miles away. But it's not a dependable signal, so not a station I keep programmed in my tuners. 

Small TV antennas that install inside the home will never have much range, regardless of any amplifier or other method of boosting a signal. 25-30 miles is the best one can hope for, assuming a clear line of sight to the TV transmitter site. Even with my antenna, e one site that is not always watchable, and it's only 20 miles away. But there's terrain between my home and that transmitter, so I take what I can get with it. My HDHomeRun Flex 4K is the strongest tuner I have, so it's the one I use for OTA recording. 


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Roku Guru

Re: Looking for herb antenna which one works best

Antennas Direct's ClearStream antennas are probably the best they have made.

40" TCL Roku TV
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