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It's Showtime at the Apollo - Now On Late Nights

Heart and Soul of Harlem - Apoll Theater.jpg



Free, streaming late night TV on Roku has gone up a notch. 

"It's Showtime at the Apollo" is streaming late nights on your Roku player.  (Not sure when this started, I recently found it.)  It's also available On Demand.  

They don't make TV shows like this anymore.

An historic theater.  A host with panache.  A stylish and highly appreciative NYC audience.  A combination of amateur and professional performers.  A variety show with singing, comedy, dancing, rap, instrumentals (saxaphone, violin, etc.) and more (martial arts, etc.).  

It's Natural, Just Let the Performers Perform

Unlike contrived and over-produced TV shows like "Got Talent" or "American Idol", there are no condescending lectures or rude put-downs from arrogant TV judges.  It's just a natural venue with a natural host and a natural audience and a natural evening of entertainment that you will love.  

A Cozy Venue

Always a packed house.  The audience gets so close to the stage, they sometimes touch to performers' hands!  

22 Star-Studded Seasons

Attention-grabbing hosts have included Whoopi Goldberg, Rick Aviles, Martin Lawrence, Sinbad, Donna Summer, Mark Curry, Steve Harvey and more.  

A nearly limitless list of star performers included James Brown, The Temptations, Patti Labelle, LL Cool J, Donna Summers, Chaka Khan, Vanessa Williams, Jamie Foxx and Nat King Cole.  

Keepin' It Real

Everyone has to start sometime.  The Apollo's "Amateur Night" competitions put brand new, young faces on stage and on TV for the first time to "wow" and amaze.  You will not believe what these kids can do!  

So Sad, Too Bad

An Apollo tradition, amateur acts that get enough "thumbs down" from the audience will cause the Apollo clown-guy to come out and "sweep" the performer(s) off the stage!  How embarrassing!

Where and How to Stream

On Demand:

The Roku Channel (21 seasons), Tubi (15 seasons), Plex (4 seasons)

Streaming Channels:

On Pluto TV on BET live channel from 9 PM to midnight, and then on BET Her live channel from midnight to 2 AM.  That's five hours in a row.  

This is my favorite way to watch it because they choose the episodes in kind of a "shuffle mode" and I like that.  


If you want something cozy and live and musical and authentic, get your fix with "It's Showtime at the Apollo."  Late night streaming just went up a notch, from 9 PM to 2 AM on BET and BET Her live channels on Pluto TV.


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