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Is go.roku/wireless legitimate?

I had an issue with my roku not being able to connect to Wi-Fi. So I went to the website that was on the screen, “go.roku/wireless”, to see if there was any information to help resolve this issue. It immediately took me to a chat with Danny with tech support.

After giving him my name, email, phone number and my internet provider he says “please wait, let me check?”, with a question mark. I asked what are you checking. He says my configurations. So I wait for about 2-3 minutes. He returns with a super long response that ended with “I’ll be happy to do this for $69.99 and you’ll have tech support all year and it covers the roku subscription. Would you like me to proceed?” I said NO and ended our chat.

He called me and I gave him a very strong NO BECAUSE I’M NOT PAYING THAT! then ended the call. What I did do was so less expensive. I unplugged my roku device, stuck a pin in the reset hole, reconnected and viola…internet connects without hassle. I immediately checked for updates because I remembered the last time I used my roku it was promptings me to do so. But everything was good, no updates.

I don’t know if this was a scam and someone hacked into my system, which it does seem that way, but I’m glad I didn’t give too much information out but I also wished I had skipped all of this and unplugged first. 

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Re: Is go.roku/wireless legitimate?

As far as I know, there is no Top-Level Domain "roku" so that's not even a valid URL to anything.

Entering it into an URL bar didn't get me anywhere (as expected).  Entering it into a few search engines didn't get me anywhere on two of them, but a third one suggested I might like:


Which strikes as a likely scam URL, since is clearly meant to look like

So, what the heck, I was feeling brave, so I clicked on it.  Yep, that looks scammy.  They even have a link that in the human-readable text is:, but the actually linked URL is: "".

The website describes itself as: " We are a premium site, assists users in using their Roku streaming device hassle free. helps its users to setup, activate and troubleshoot their devices with the help of an expert team of customer support executives."

So, what they are claiming is they are not a scam, but a premium site. Ie: if you want to talk to some random guy about your Roku, I guess you can pay them a premium for that opportunity. 


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Roku Guru

Re: Is go.roku/wireless legitimate?

By the way: IS a legit URL.  (But that .com is critical.)

Re: Is go.roku/wireless legitimate?

Scammers do respond to faulty URL's, like go.roku/wireless instead of They prey on errors made in the URL's

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