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Roku Guru

Iona’s Own Interpretation For Japanese Style Curry

Please Note: There is no Spam in this recipe!  This is a far more healthier and tasty entree.

Since March 2020, I have been having problems that I really did not really actively address before.  The usual “eating-out-is-better-because-I’m-single-and-can’t-really-cook-for-1-or-even-2” was the first.   Then there was “no-more -going-out-to-the-movie-theatre-to-enjoy-the-huge-wide -screen-and-the-superior-audio-since-we-are-all-under -lockdown” was the other one.  The lack of visiting theaters was addressed so nicely by Streaming exclusively via Roku and some of the other streaming devices available.  One down, one to go.

There was still something missing while I was actively streaming during those bleak long 18 months.  I always like to eat in front of the television as my little Ultra or Streaming Stick Plus brings in pretty much everything I wish to see, when I want to see it. I could not see my television from my kitchen as the living room/dining room television is always used by someone else here.  So I had the hard choice of choosing to either cook pr stream-I cannot do both at one time or in my bedroom-until the discovery of this ultra portable enclosed device..  I felt that if I can stream, why not be able to eat a healthy meal in my own room?   There just has to be an alternative to the present uncontrollable overcrowded situation I am in right now.  And with a little luck, I found it.

Since the major upheaval of last year,  I only cook for 1-2 people now.  I cannot have guests in my home anymore like I did pre-Pandemic i,e, “A Very Roku Thanksgiving” posted right here a couple of years ago.  Or participate with Steaming & Viewing my weekly favorite  Presenting My “Secret” Spaghetti Recipe For Your Ultimate Roku Experience!” which I posted and shared right here a couple of years ago as well.  I could not allow the way too much wasting food even my favorite recipe was doing since it is suitable for about 4 (even more) people.  Plus the rapid rise in food prices over the last several months made it even more important to find another way of saving some money.  I needed to change something here.  So in this way, I keep active control and more wisely spend my rapidly limited food dollars just like my actively participation of using the Roku Ultra and the Streaming Stick Plus did offering far more alternatives to more expensive traditional pay tv cable or movie tickets ever could for now.

Recently I came across a video that demonstrated a new way of preparing/serving food.  It is very flexible, easy to do, and relatively cheap to do (like Streaming) in the form of a simple single appliance.  They are offered in various forms and are called a  “Electric Lunch Box or Bento Box,” “Portable Cooker,”  “Mini Cooker,” and the like depending on a couple of factors which separates these types of ultra portable “rice cookers” from the more traditional ones.  While you can make still make rice with ease, this appliance also offers the ability to steam/boil a complete meal intended for one or two AT THE SAME TIME IN ONLY ONE APPLIANCE!  Being so compact and with a secure latched cover (like my Itaki branded ones have) means these particular unique hybrid steamer/boiler take on the “rice cooker” is very flexible by simply being so portable and secure for the food placed inside them-covered with a plastic lid, too.  It can cook raw meats and vegetables as well as reheat leftovers.  My 2 present Itaki (that is the company I chose to buy this product from) also can be plugged in to a car’s battery with it’s very own adapter/inverter (sold separately) to go everywhere I want to go for a picnic, for emergencies (man made or natural disasters), traveling, if your stove breaks down, or you don’t even have one at all.  Unlike more traditional Rice Cookers, the electrical element sensor, heat coils, and motor is sealed inside the plastic body except for the underneath area (air vents for the machinery) and the electric plug prongs at the lower side of the unit’s bottom for the electrical cord to hook up to. All that must be kept water free.   It is really a self contained unit!

Now I can stream/boil  all I want by simply having this little device in my bedroom on an old typing table and happily watching my Roku device while my little Itaki cooks all my meals with little need for me to watch it or interact with it once I fill it up and close the lid.

So to encourage you to look into this unfamiliar way of using a “steamer/rice cooker” hybrid to go to another more flexible level.  I will even present you with a favorite recipe that I adapted for this sort of usage.  I was lucky enough to grow up in a large Asian area and learned to love the more healthier food they offer.  This is my own personal version of Japanese Curry that I like to make and have especially during the colder months.  It is so satisfying and easy to do-especially now with the Itaki.  I recommend using a Itaki “Electric Lunch Box” over even a regular more traditional “rice cooker” as I can steam rice at the same time with it’s special smaller rice only top Insert.  All the Inserts are made with a high quality Stainless Steel.  I like that as I feel more comfortable using and eating out of stainless steel for cooking & baking.

Yes, it is a bit more expensive than the cheaper Amazon and Ebay knock-offs (just like Roku is for it’s own Streaming devices).  But this company is really easy to contact and does deal (usually within 24 hours) with their customers' concerns and questions directly via (your choice of) phone (the number is on their website) and email.  They really do back up and guarantee their products within reason.  Sometimes “cheap” is not very cheap at all.  I contacted them BEFORE I ordered their products and can vouch for this.  I am waiting for my final Itaki Pro model due to arrive at my door next week (I have 2 already).  I feel these products are worth every penny.  I used my Roku device  to watch videos of the Itaki products in action and learn how to use them, plus other more unique ways of using them BEFORE I ordered and have them shipped to my house.  I felt just as confident as I did when I ordered my first Roku several years ago.  I avoided many problems with a new, especially extremely unfamiliar, device by simply learning about my new purchase before it's arrival.

See and contact them for yourselves:

A Few Streaming Videos You Might Find Helpful:

Original "Classic" Model


Later Upgraded "Pro" Model

Taking The Itaki On The Road (Just Like Your Roku):




Without any more interruptions, here’s my bonus recipe for 1-2 servings:

  • 2-4  ounces of your favorite meat cut into 1 inch cubes

(I prefer beef.  I tend to use a cheaper cut of Chuck or similar that’s on sale. Chicken is fine too if you want that instead).

  • 1 small potato peeled & chopped into chunks 

(I like white potatoes, but other types should work fine)

  • 1 small carrot peeled & sliced 
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper 

(white pepper can be substituted)

  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ⅓ regular measuring cup (or 2 Itaki cups) water
  • About 1 tablespoon oil 

( I usually use vegetable oil, but any bland oil suitable for high heat will do)

  • 1 cube of Japanese Curry cubes

(I use the Golden Curry brand myself since it’s so mild and easy to find locally.  There are other brands each offering a bit differences in sweet and spice. All could be found at your favorite Asian grocery or online.)

  • 1 capful (around a tablespoon) soy sauce 

Optional:  Consider adding 1 capful (around a tablespoon) Worcester sauce,  favorite mushrooms (I use white mushrooms), peas, and other vegetables of your choice.  

  1. Place meat in a plastic ziplock bag.  Add the pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. Close bag and shake and press the spices into the meat until all of the spices have completely stuck to the meat.  
  2. Grease the bottom and sides of the bottom (largest sized one) Stainless Steel Insert with the oil.  This will make cleaning up even easier (or else you might have some extra cleaning as meats tend to stick unexpectedly sometimes).
  3. Layer the meat evenly on the bottom
  4. Then place the carrot inside, layering it above the meat.
  5. Last add the potato on top.
  6. *Add the ⅓ regular cup (or 2 Italki measuring cups) of water INSIDE the Insert.
  7. Rinse and add the rice to the top smaller insert.  Add water according to Itaki’s suggested amount. (Usually 1:1 proportion.)
  8. The Itaki device needs about 2-3 Itaki little measuring cups of water in it’s own bottom to do the steaming process.  One Itaki cup=15-20 minutes of steaming/cooking.  Put the lid in it’s place and lock it in.  Plug in the unit and press the front button.  It should light up unless you forgot to add water.  Set your timer for 35 minutes.  Then go away and do something else.  It will do the all of the cooking and all the work without you just as long as there is water present in the bottom of the unit.   
  9. At 35 minutes your rice should be done (if you are using the little insert on top). If it is, take it out. Add Soy Sauce.  Add the Curry Cube in the meat/vegetable broth.  I like to crush the cube to make it dissolve better in the liquid before I add it to the mixture.  (Add the optional Worcester sauce and other vegetables if desired.)  Stir a bit.
  10. Place the lid back on & lock it. Continue to cook the rest 5-10 minutes or so until the meat is done and the vegetables are still a bit crunchy.   Then stir it a bit & enjoy it.  Suggestion: add a little assorted condiments (like pepper flakes, spicy powdered curry, and the like) for extra interest.  


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Roku Guru

Re: Iona’s Own Interpretation For Japanese Style Curry

Well, there you have it.  My Roku devices now can service me better with an addition of another equally useful gadget. That have and will continue to serve me well in both money management and entertainment with these all these things these gadgets can do.  

I tried to select a good video representation of how useful my new Itaki gadgets are for me. These videos were the best ones out of many more I watched on my Roku to decide if Itaki was for me.   I chose the ones listed above from a cross selection of a curious gadget loving early adopter, to a dollar store penny pinching diva, then a RV loving couple using these same portable products (in spite of having a fully functional kitchen in their trailer) right in the truck’s cab.  Though I (and even Itaki warns on their own website)  would not go that far as driving and cooking together as driving can be quite hazardous unexpectedly.  Any more than using Roku Streaming devices in the front seat while driving (which is illegal in the state I am in).

They are all “real people” (not actors) trying to improve their lives one gadget at a time.  As Roku itself and their many users have done with their own gadgets.   I was not an early adopter of either one  But I still was willing to “take a chance” on both companies and I feel am well rewarded for taking these chances.

Itaki Products.jpg

One more thing  I decided to send a unique combo present to my “Significant Other” for this Christmas.    I rather not share any more identifying description of this person as he is really smart and will figure out it’s him.  I am sending him a Roku Streaming Stick Plus and an Blue (to match some of his cars) Itaki Pro with a inverter/AC converter all together!  I know he just loves gadgets that he can use.  Especially when he travels to car shows with one of his cars.  He can cook his meal off his car’s own battery as he shows off his creations.  At night, he could watch his Roku and eat at the same time without getting up on regular household AC (just change the cords).

Now that is money well spent for both a Roku and Itaki. 

Don’t you agree?  

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