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Level 9


It's always great to see like minded people. Since moving away from cable, satellite abs mostly terrestrial nearly 3 years ago, we wouldn't know how to watch tv live now.

So used to having it on demand. For years I've always advocated moving to a schedule for your own tv and Roku devices certainly give us the ability to do that...

* Enjoying my On-Demand Life *
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Level 10

Just got another Roku... that makes 5. :D

My old monitor (connected to a Mac Mini) was on its way out. Monitors are kinda expensive for what they do. I ended up getting a 32 inch TCL series 3 Roku TV for $150 (new). Works GREAT as a monitor! And... BONUS!... it's a Roku TV. 😄

So now I have an Ultra in the living room, a streaming stick + on each of 3 other TVs (bedroom, bedroom, kitchen), and now another on my computer. Would be REALLY cool if I could do picture-in-picture and overlay the Roku TV on the computer screen 🙂

Chief Technology Officer, Barge Captain/mechanic/deckhand/dock hand, Cook, Lawn care and vehicle maintenance.
Yep.... I'm retired. :D
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